Gambhir’s Wisdom: Key Strategies for KKR in IPL 2024

Gambhir's Wisdom

IPLCricBet brings you information about Gautam Gambhir’s harsh advice to KKR before the start of the IPL 2024 season. He declared that cricket players ought to concentrate on figuring out how to assist their team in winning another championship. It is not appropriate for them to be anticipating off-field activities.

What advice did Gambhir give KKR?

The Kolkata Knight Riders team won two titles under the previous captain’s leadership. For this reason, the mentor provided the IPL 2024 season with some crucial advice. According to him, “The Indian Premier League (IPL) provides players with a challenging environment in which to demonstrate their abilities. Bollywood or the glitz that accompanies it is not the point.”

According to Gambhir’s statement on Star Sports, the following is his advice in his own words. “I made it very clear on Day 1 that IPL for me is serious cricket. It’s not about Bollywood, it’s not about you, it’s not about after party and stuff. It’s about going out there and playing competitive cricket and that’s why I feel it is the toughest league in the world because it is proper cricket.”

He went on to emphasize the importance of the IPL on a global scale. He continued to explain, “It is probably closest to international cricket as compared to any other league and if you want to be known as a successful franchise, you should be able to deliver on the cricket field.”

A short history: KKR and Gambhir

The last time KKR won an IPL trophy was in 2014. For this reason, they recruited seasoned player Gambhir to serve as their mentor. After two years with LSG, the Indian opener had recently departed. He was present when the Kolkata franchise signed Mitchell Starc at the IPL 2024 auction for a hefty INR 24.75 crore.

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