Mastering the Game: Essential IPL Fantasy League 2024 Guidelines

IPLCricBet is aware that the 2024 IPL season has begun. And there is no better way to demonstrate your cricket knowledge than by participating in the IPL fantasy league. You can put together your dream team of 11 virtual players. They compete against other teams online based on their players’ actual performances in real IPL matches. Does it still sound intriguing? Indeed, it is, for that reason!

Here are some guidelines and pointers before you start playing the matches. When you are prepared with knowledge, you will enjoy a seamless fantasy league IPL 2024 experience.

All you need to know about IPL Fantasy League 2024

New rules of IPL Fantasy League 2024

  • Your virtual team’s captain and vice-captain will earn 2x and 1.5x points for each game.
  • The required number of players from each team in your online team has been reduced from four to three.
  • The cap on the number of international players on a team was raised from six to seven.

How do you win the IPL Fantasy League 2024 matches?

  • Make sure you do a thorough investigation with Starpunternews’ assistance. Keep on top of the most recent developments regarding the groups and individuals you wish to choose for your virtual team. This will help you mitigate your losses and reduce negative points.
  • Make sure your team is well-balanced by including both expensive and high-performing players. Selecting all-round players for your virtual team will be more profitable than going with a player who specializes in one area of the game.
  • Check and rearrange your team’s players according to their performance in matches. Change the players to make sure they are performing at their best; it’s your team.
  • Always keep an eye on the pitch conditions and select your players accordingly.

Point system of new IPL Fantasy League 2024

  • Cricketers earn points for your team based on their actual performance in IPL matches (runs, catches, wickets, etc.).
  • If the player bowls a no-ball or is dismissed for a duck, your virtual team may receive negative points.
  • The minimum requirement for each team in your online team has been lowered from four to three players.
  • The cap on the number of international players on a team was raised from six to seven.

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