T20 World Cup Seeding Details: Why India vs Australia in Super 8 Was Pre-Arranged

T20 World Cup Seeding Details

The 2024 T20 World Cup’s group stage has ended and finally, we got our Top 8 team completing this Tournament. The Super Eight stage was finished on Monday in the ICC tournament. Here, Bangladesh secured the final spot by defeating Nepal in their Group D match. The majority of the Super Eight fixtures were almost confirmed earlier this week, with:

  • India (Group A)
  • Australia (Group B)
  • England (Group A)
  • Afghanistan (Group C)
  • West Indies (Group C)
  • South Africa (Group D)
  • United States (Group A)

While the draw for the subsequent rounds occurs with each match in the earlier stages of a tournament, most or all of the teams were well aware of who, when, and where they would face their opponents in the Super Eight stage. For example, India knew Australia would be one of their opponents in the Super Eight even before the tournament began, regardless of where they finished in their respective groups. It was all down to the ICC’s newly implemented seeding system.

ICC’s pre-tournament seedings

  • A1 – India
  • A2 – Pakistan
  • B1 – England
  • B2 – Australia
  • C1 – New Zealand
  • C2 – West Indies
  • D1 – South Africa
  • D2 – Sri Lanka

Super Eight

Group 1 A1, B2, C1, D2
Group 2 A2, B1, C2, D1

The two groups in the Super Eight stage were largely determined by pre-tournament seedings assigned to teams from all four groups in the preliminary round. Suppose the respective teams do not advance to the Super Eight. The next-best team from the group stage is seeded automatically.

T20 World Cup 2024 Seeding System

This was the first time the ICC used a pre-tournament seeding system. It clearly showed Team India which three teams they would face in the Super Eight if they finished in the top two of Group A. India will face:

  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • Afghanistan in the Super Eight.

The seeding system nullified the top two teams’ group-stage performance. For example, Australia did not lose any match in Group B. They won all four matches against:

  • Oman
  • England
  • Namibia
  • Scotland

However, the ICC seeded them as B2, implying that even if they finished second in Group B. They would have faced India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan in the Super Eight. Stay updated with the latest cricket news and don’t miss any 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Super 8 updates or news from Starpunternews.

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