Sticky and Non-Sticky Bonuses: Things To Learn Prior to Choosing One

While accepting a sizable welcome offer at an online live casino, among the most frequent concerns that players have is whether they have signed up for a sticky or non-sticky bonus. So, what typically happens is that you accept that alluring bonus offer, and you don’t eventually realize what’s happening until after you’ve finished spinning and won and wish to retrieve your initial stakes. 


Here, in this article, we’ve adhered to the distinction between sticky bonuses and non-sticky incentives in order to clear up any misunderstandings about both the welcome bonus and prepare you ready for your upcoming online casino experience.


A Sticky Bonus: What Is It? 


A sticky bonus, to put it simply, is one that can be wagered but cannot be retrieved. You can tell if a reward is sticky if the obligations of the online live casino specify that it is “for wagering only.” If you are a skilled player and have a healthy balance, to begin with, a sticky bonus can be equally valuable as a standard bonus; however, you won’t be able to withdraw the bonus itself. The truth is, in order to utilize a sticky bonus to its fullest extent, you must play it differently than you would a conventional bonus.


You can increase your amount prior to your game commencing by selecting a sticky bonus. In reality, a sticky bonus will provide you with much more money than one that isn’t, frequently offering a match deposit of up to 300% or 400% on top of your initial deposit. Your chances of succeeding will undoubtedly rise as a result, but you must use caution. You can end up losing more than you intended to win unless you possess a substantial starting bankroll and are an expert at the game.


Here’s an illustration: Assume your preferred online live casino is offering you a $50 sticky bonus in exchange for a $50 deposit. As a result, you start with $100 after making a $50 deposit and receive a bonus of $50 to play with. You will either gain an additional $100 or lose the $100 you have if you choose to place a bet of $100 (your entire balance). If you win and later decide to stop playing, you can take the whole balance in your account ($200), less the bonus ($50), for a total withdrawal of $150 and a win of $100 on your initial $50 investment.


In contrast, you would only lose your $50 investment if you lost and decided to stop playing live casino. Casino coins


A Non-Sticky Bonus: What Is It? 


Following the contractual terms of the bonus in concern, a nonsticky bonus often referred to as a conventional bonus or a parachute bonus, is a payable reward that may be claimed as soon as you’ve met the wagering requirements. If the online casino allows you to withdraw all of your winnings after meeting the requirement, together with any bonus money you may still have from your initial deposit, you can be confident you’re dealing with non-sticky bonuses. 

If, for instance, you deposited $50 and received a non-sticky bonus of the same price, you would have $50 in real money in addition to the $50 authorized bonus money to play with. You would initially begin playing with your real money ($50), and during that period you may withdraw it whenever you wanted. Sound familiar? It’s because the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus money, which you haven’t touched yet, do not apply to your real money. If you win, you can immediately withdraw your actual money from your account without needing to fulfill any betting conditions. You would not have to bother about fulfilling the terms and conditions until after you had reached the additional $50 (bonus money) and went back to playing with it.


Sticky bonuses versus non-sticky bonuses: A Comparison 


In a word, sticky bonuses are those that aren’t withdrawable from the live casino, whilst a regular (non-sticky) bonus can be claimed without any restrictions. To put it another way, a sticky bonus is not redeemable, whilst a non-sticky bonus is. As a result, before taking a bonus, make sure to check to notice if it may be cashed in. No matter how enticing the bonus might seem, always read the casino’s terms and conditions prior to accepting it. Due to its simplicity and ability to be cashed out while nevertheless making a small profit, this form of bonus is preferred by the majority of players.




Each bonus has its own contractual terms, irrespective of the type. If the bonus you ought to embrace isn’t redeemable, it should be specified in the conditions of the deal explicitly. Additionally, if you encounter a phrase like “actual money is used first,” it refers to a bonus that cannot be redeemed for cash. If you’re unsure, ask the support staff of the casino via live chat if it ever says “Bonus and Cash Balance are kept separate.” Browse out the online casino reward guides to find out more about the different kinds of casino bonuses and how to redeem them.