How Do You Decode Personality with Card Suits?

There’s a logic behind you choosing a specific suit of cards. Let’s know more about rummy card game

Have you ever wondered why a person always wins in a rummy card game? We’ll give you an example. Imagine a magician has asked you to pick a card from a deck of cards. You do as he says, and he picks out the card you chose. He wins. This applies when you play rummy online as well. The card you picked at the start of the game, believe it or not, tells a lot about your personality. 

Rummy is not only a game of skill, but of luck too. It has its nuances, and there is always a favorite pick for any specific person. This could depend on 3 reasons:

  • Memorability: If a strategy worked before with a card, you might want to pick the same card again.
  • Visibility: Getting your mind to be rid of a particular card.
  • Likability: This depends on your personal bias.

The card suits aren’t just mere symbols for the players of rummy circle, the symbols express themselves in their chooser. The card suits are usually big giveaways of your personality, and if you have a favorite suit, this could be the sole reason to make you win or lose a game. So, if you’re interested in learning how you can win your next game, read on for some important pointers.

  1. Spades: 

You love being way too analytical and playing with data. Your decisions are based on your in- depth knowledge about the topic. And at times, you can also be known as the typical ‘Know- It- All’.

  1. Hearts: 

Like the name suggests, your heart dominates over your brain. You look at the opponent and play accordingly. You are also very encouraging to everyone you meet, generous and calling you a peace- maker would be very accurate. However, your good heart can lead you to be a people pleaser or too submissive.

  1. Clubs: 

You are driven by results. For you, there is only the final outcome and hence, you focus more on structure and actions. You are incredibly competitive, action oriented and extremely methodical. The drawback is that, being methodical makes you predictable.

  1. Diamonds: 

Your end goal is to keep the experiences and ideas flowing endlessly. You do anything and everything that’s enjoyable, love artistic endeavours and are a firm believer of aesthetic. Taking risks defines you. However, all of the above can easily lead you to be disorganised and scattered in your actions.

The pointers mentioned above are great for not only decoding yourself but your opponent as well if you know them. Use these pointers and we’re sure you’ll be on the way to winning your next rummy card game.