Rajkot Revelations: Test Cricket’s Historic Moments


As the domestic ground for both the Saurashtra cricket group in local games and the Indian cricket group, it could be a key put within the cricket world. England beat India by nine runs with an add-up to 325/4 within the first-ever One Day Universal coordinate played at the stadium in January 2013. Also, visit iplcricbet to get the most recent news on Cricket.

It afterward held its to begin with T20 between India and Australia in October 2013, which India won by chasing down an add of 201/7 with six wickets and two balls remaining. An uneventful Test match involving India and England took put in November 2016 at this venue. It has held one other Test match since then. Let’s explore the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium’s history and statistics.

Important Events and Statistics of the Match:

At the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, the Indian cricket team accomplished remarkable breakthroughs in Test cricket history. They scored their highest add-up of 649/9 against the West Indies, with Virat Kohli driving the charge with a magnificent 139 runs in 2018.

Kohli’s remarkable innings helps India to a fantastic 272-run victory. Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli are the top scores. Here, he scored 228 runs each. Ravichandran Ashwin shines as the beat wicket-taker with nine scalps, whereas Adil Rashid’s impressive seven-wicket pull in 2016 remains unmatched. Kuldeep Yadav’s exceptional 5/57 in 2018 stands as the finest bowling figure in an innings, contributing to India’s dominant execution. These feats showcase the stadium’s significance in India’s cricketing legacy, carving exceptional minutes in Test cricket legend.

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